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The following was excerpted from the City of Lancaster's Personnel Policy Manual, Section 3.04 entitled Fair Labor Standards Act and Section 6 entitled Employee Benefits, and is abridged.  These are only a few examples of the many benefits that the City of Lancaster offers to their employees.  Click here to view the Patrol Division's Schedule, or Here to view Communication's Schedule


Any hours worked in excess of 86 per pay period (every two weeks) for police officers and telecommunication's officers will be paid at 1.5 times the established hourly rate.

Civil Leave:

Regular employees will receive leave with pay for periods of time away from work, not exceeding fifteen (15) days per calendar year, resulting from an order to perform jury service or an order to appear in court. Such leave will not be charged to accumulated sick or vacation leave. Civil leave will not be granted for private or personal court appearances where the employee is a party to the litigation. Additional stipulations apply.   

Military Leave:

Employees who are members of the South Carolina National Guard or United States armed forces reserve units are entitled to leaves of absence without loss of pay, time, or efficiency rating for one or more periods not exceeding an aggregate of fifteen (15) regularly scheduled workdays in any one year. Eligible activity for which military leave must be granted includes training or any other duties ordered by any federal or state department or agency having authority to issue lawful orders requiring military service. Additional stipulations apply.

Funeral Leave

Regular employees will be entitled to up to twenty-four (24) working hours of paid leave for each qualifying incident to attend the funeral of an immediate family member. Additional stipulations apply.

Sick Leave

Full time regular employees are eligible to earn sick leave that may be used for personal illness/injury (including doctor/dental visits) to the extent such personal illness or injury is not covered by worker compensation or to care for an immediate family member who has suffered illness/injury.  Eligible employees will earn sick leave at the rate of 3.75 hours per pay period. Employees may carry forward from one calendar year to the next no more than 720 hours of sick leave.  Additional stipulations apply

Annual Leave

Full-time employees are eligible to earn paid annual leave Eligible employees will accumulate annual leave according to the following schedule based on years of service. Employees may carry forward no more than 360 hours of annual leave from one calendar year to the next. Additional stipulations apply.






Date of Hire to 5 years

3.75 hours

97.5 hours

5 years to 10 years

4.75 hours

123.5 hours

10 years to 15 years

5.75 hours

149.5 hours

15 years to 20 years

6.50 hours

169.0 hours

20 years or more

7.50 hours

195.0 hours


Compensation will be at the rate of time and a half for each hour actually worked on the holiday.  Each officer will receive an additional eight hours of pay for each holiday.  Example, if an officer works for 11.5 hours on a holiday, that officer will receive 11.5 hours at the rate of time and a half plus an additional 8 hours of straight pay.  If an officer is scheduled off on a holiday then they will be paid an additional 8 hours of straight pay.  Additional stipulations apply.

The following, and other days as may be designated by City Council, shall be observed as official City holidays:

1. New Year’s Day
2. Martin Luther King Day
3. Easter Sunday
4. Memorial Day
5. Independence Day
6. Labor Day
7. Thanksgiving Day
8. Day after Thanksgiving
9. Christmas Eve
10. Christmas Day
11. Day After Christmas

Longevity Allowance

Full time regular employees who, as of December 1st of each year, have served continuously for five (5) or more years will receive an annual longevity allowance payable prior to the end of December according to the following schedule. Payment to retiring employees will be prorated and paid at separation. Employees separating for any other reason will not be eligible.
















5 thru 9 yrs


10 thru 14 yrs


15 thru 19 yrs


20 thru 24 yrs


25 or more yrs